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Dave Chapelle:The closer

By: Deonte Bryant

Staff Writer

Dave Chapelle, Photo Courtesy of Sky News

Dave Chapelle is arguably one of the best comedians to ever walk a stage. He is known for his comedy specials and even appears on the big screen for a couple of movies. Some of his comedy specials include The Age of Spin, Deep in the Heart of Texas, Equanimity, The Bird Revelation, Sticks and Stones, and his newest special, The Closer. Millions of people have enjoyed his artwork over the years and haven’t had a problem with what he says while performing.

As many of you may know, cancel culture has been something that has changed the lives of many different people who have said or done things that the public disliked. For instance, this year, famous hip hop artist DaBaby received backlash for homophobic comments said on stage at rolling loud musical festival. Cancel culture made it known that they did not like what DaBaby said, and soon enough he was removed from headliners of multiple festivals and concerts this summer. Although nothing has happened to Dave Chapelle yet, he has received tons of backlash from tons of people about his remarks on the gay and transgender communities during his comedy special, The Closer.

In the special, Dave defends DaBaby and the comments that he made at rolling loud. He also goes on to speak on transgender woman saying they aren’t woman and more. In fact, Chapelle says, “Gender is a fact. Every human being in this room, every human being on earth, had to pass through the legs of a woman to be on earth. This is a fact.” Although CEO of Netflix openly admits that he screwed up, he says that the Chapelle’s Netflix special will remain untouched. Many people are upset by the decision and may find another way to cancel Chapelle in the future.

When it comes to comedy, the main point is to make people laugh. That becomes difficult when people get offended by the jokes that comedians make. His comments may not have affected some, but there were many out there who were touched deeply in the wrong way by his comments. Awareness should be raised for the LGBTQ community, as they are apart of this world even though people try to outcast them. If you have Netflix, take a look at Dave Chapelle’s The Closer, and see how you feel about it.

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