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Fall Fashion

What's trending for fall fashion

By: Lucy Erika Ann Magat

With the temperatures dropping quickly, fall themed outfits are soon to be seen all around us. Trends for the fall season vary drastically from Y2K inspired outfits to everything baggy and oversized. Here’s what to expect for this upcoming season:

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As reported by Vogue, baggy jeans are in style right now for street fashion as seen on celebrities during both the New York Fashion Week and the Paris Fashion Week. Styles like straight leg and wide leg are expected to be coming back as they were extremely popular during the 90s. Mom jeans are still on trend this year (similarly to last year), but dad jeans are also on the rise. USF student, Mirian Rios, says, “Vintage jeans are making a comeback! It’s so exciting to see this as I love these jeans as they are more comfortable (than skinny jeans)!”

For outerwear, expect to see lots of oversized blazers and leather jackets that tend to go with almost every outfit. This trend is popular with a lot of celebrities and social media influencers right now. Hailey Bieber has been sporting this street outerwear for a couple of years, as written by Glamour. For tops, knitted or crocheted sweaters, cardigans, and vests are still popular, but so are button downs. The warmth of these tops are perfect for the chilly weather but still cool enough for those fall afternoons that may be on the warmer side.

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Men’s fall fashion trends are aligning with classic fall outfits. Plaid prints and flannels are still very popular, as well as knitted sweaters, as reported by Stitch Fix. Similarly to women’s, straight leg pants are also in style, especially corduroy. During the Paris Fashion week, oversized leather jackets seem to be popular among men, mirroring women’s popular choice of outerwear.

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According to, one way to elevate a man’s outfit this fall is to add a sweater vest on top of a sweater. This version of layering also suits slightly colder temperatures. Sweater vests were extremely common back in the 70s, proving that the trends from past decades are making their comebacks.

In regards to what colors to wear, neutrals for fall will never go out of style. Different shades of brown, according to Glamour, are very in right now. However, bright and bold comfy pieces were also popular during fashion weeks for both models and attendees. Whichever color the clothing may be, there is no doubt that this fall season will heavily revolve around comfortability in style.

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