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Keeping the peace, One season at a time

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

By: Frank Piegari

Staff Writer

"Peacemaker" on HBO Max, Photo Courtesy of The Direct.

With films made by Warner Bros regarding the heroes of the DC Universe seeming sporadic and inconsistent, they have caught lightning in a bottle with the release of the HBO Max original series: “Peacemaker”.

Headed by Director James Gunn, “Guardians of the Galaxy” and The Suicide Squad”, the show is witty, violent, and has a whole ton of heart. The titular character, as portrayed by John Cena, is immature, tone deaf, but willing to change. Cena brings a ton of charisma to the role and it’s clear that he wasn’t just made for the wrestling world, but he is built for the bright lights of Hollywood.

The supporting cast includes: Jennifer Holland, Freddie Storma, Danielle Brooks, Steve Agee and Auggie Smith who make up just some of the great ensemble cast and have perfect chemistry with one another.

For as stylized as the action and quirky humor is in the show, the show contains great messages about the environment, race, and redemption. This is a show that transcends the category of a great superhero show and it is simply a great show.

The show sits comfortably at a 95% fresh rating on the critic site Rotten Tomatoes; the 8 existing episodes are all available to watch now!

With a second season greenlit already, there's never been a better time to jump into James Gunn’s wacky and lovable world.

So give yourself the peace of mind you deserve and check out this stellar show!

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