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National Campus Safety Month

Photo: Harlie Mast, Photography Editor

In honor of National Campus Safety Awareness Month, the University of St. Francis (USF) provided many different resources throughout the month that would increase the level of safety for students. From self-defense class, to fun trivia, to a mocktail party… students surely were provided the opportunity to get their fill of safety information.

USF will be offering an on-campus information table on Monday, September 26th in recognition of National “If You See Something, Say Something” Awareness Day through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. This table will have insight on all safety concerns and include resources regarding mental health.

“Safety is crucial,” USF’s Director of Security William Linz said. “We've noticed a trend over the years where students have reported [incidents] after the fact… If you see something, say something because it gives us a timely warning on matters that come up. We are pushing for students to be more proactive”.

William shares that throughout the month of September, they hosted events for students to get a better understanding of how to handle different situations. They created a makeshift situation where Bernie “stole” items from students and then after seeing the students inaction, pushed them to report the instance.

Of course Bernie isn't actually going around stealing, but this was a light hearted way to get students used to reporting things. The students that did go and report their missing items were then rewarded with a starbucks gift card.

USF also held a self-defense class. This event was held at the Turk Theater, and has intentions of appearing a few more times throughout the year.

Linz also spoke at The Campus and Parking Lot Safety Group, a time where students can meet with him or Assistant Director Conor Wilson to discuss safety concerns or ideas students may see on campus or around campus.

“As a community we are all taking an active role in your safety while on campus,” Linz said.

A prime example of this was the concern of commuter students late at night with the lack of light in the parking lot. This was seen by many as an issue, so they added more lights to accommodate these students. Additionally, there are 26 “blue lights” (stations where students and staff can get emergency help) between the main and St. Claire campuses.

When it comes to campus safety, it’s important to know your rights and how to handle situations.

“You are entitled to know,” Linz said.

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