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WCSF Rummage Sale

By: Cosme Lozano

Staff Writer

During this time of the year, one can always expect the leaves to turn color and fall and for people to watch copious amounts of horror movies. Those are all great things to do during the Fall, but what if I told you that Fall's best was brought to you by WCSF? Yes, USFs very own radio station is making a name for itself and proving to be a yearly staple of the Fall here in Joliet! This month on Saturday, October 23, WCSF had its first Mega Music Rummage Sale- almost two years since the pandemic started.

WCSF Rummage Sale, Photo courtesy of Cosme Lozano

The WCSF team did not know how the turnout would be, especially since it has been some time since the last sale. Safe to say, this year's Rummage Sale was a success! WCSF reached its goals which were set prior to the event. The event started at 7:30 am for early birds and the community did not disappoint. Community members were lining up for the event almost an hour before entry outside Guardian Angel Hall at the St. Claire campus. Once in, people had the chance to browse through the items being sold. This included vintage vinyl, CDs, DVDs, stereo equipment, 45s, 78s, LPs and much more! The event was then open to the public from 8 am until 2 pm that afternoon.

Crowds sift through records and more at the rummage sale, Photo courtesy of Cosme Lozano

Talking with WCSF’s station manager, Anthony Musiala stated, “This year’s Mega Music Rummage Sale was a success. WCSF’s fundraising goals exceeded all previous years. The radio students who helped out did a great job of promoting, organizing, and running the event. WCSF also wants to thank the Joliet community who contributed their pre-loved media to our fundraiser.”

The Encounter team wants to wish a big congratulations to the WCSF team for all their hard work and what they accomplished! For those who missed the event this year, fear not, because WCSF is planning on returning for the same time next year. Fans of the community should also stay tuned for possible pop-up shops that might be coming later this school year.. Regardless, thank you to the Joliet community for your continued support! ‘Til next year!

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