• Abi Blome

Ways to #giftgive this holiday season

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‘Tis the season of giving! Of course, it’s nearly impossible to buy gifts for everybody on your list, no matter how many Black Friday deals you hit up this year. While money is almost always an issue, it’s hard weeding through your giving-list and taking off friends who really deserve a little gift of recognition this time of year. Well, here are some tips to help you get something for everyone this year.

  • Buy gifts throughout the year

  • While it is a little too late to do this now, you can get started early for next year! Buying gifts slowly throughout the year helps break up your spending so you don’t binge spend closer to the holidays. You can save money because you can pick up items while they’re on sale without fighting people on Black Friday.

  • Shop online

  • Many people prefer Cyber Monday to Black Friday just because you don’t have to physically fight people to get great deals, but online shopping can also save money outside of regular holiday sales. On the internet you can shop around for the best deals in a way that you couldn’t in a store. You can instantly compare prices between different sellers and get reviews on comparable products.

  • Give edible treats

  • Edible gifts are easy to mass-produce, cheap to make, and generally well-appreciated. Find out what kind of cookies your friends like, cook a batch or two, wrap them up nicely, and hand them out with a nice card attached. Check out some cooking or baking websites online to get some recipes and ideas. Delicious treats are only a Google search away!

  • Make gifts yourself

  • While this may cost you more time, it can also save you a lot of money. Some simple Pinterest ideas or other crafts can be meaningful and cherished gifts. Making a painted mug can cost as little as $2, but will be used long after the holiday season. A simple no-sew blanket or pillow is useful and will be kept around and used for a long time.

  • Host a White Elephant or Secret Santa gift exchange

  • Everyone gets a gift, but no one is required to purchase more than one. A White Elephant can be a fun game where participants re-gift something from a past holiday or give away something silly, but everyone walks away with a gift of some kind. A Secret Santa ensures everyone gets a gift that they will (hopefully) appreciate and you can work with the other participants to set up guidelines like how much or how little participants should be spending.

Hopefully these tips make the holidays a little easier on your wallet and help you get to everyone on your list. The season of giving doesn’t have to be the season of bankruptcy. With a little extra research and some thoughtful effort, you can give gifts that are truly appreciated without breaking your bank. Happy gifting!

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