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Prepare, East coasters! Storms are approaching

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The East Coast is currently experiencing a major snow storm that is expected to last all weekend. Meteorologists at the National Weather Service have issued an announcement regarding the blizzard, stating “A potentially crippling winter storm is anticipated for portions of Mid-Atlantic Friday into early Saturday.” They go on to explain that the snowfall may reach as much as two feet for some locations. Other regions of the East Coast are preparing for hazardous conditions, including all of Northern East Coast as well as Southern East Coast.

The potentially historic snow storm, which has been named Jonas, has already impacted a

bout 85 million people, with at least 20 states issuing “either a blizzard warning, winter storm watch, winter storm warning, winter weather advisory, or freezing rain advisory,” according to The Weather Channel.

Blizzard conditions with heavy snow and strong winds have caused several states including Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Colombia to declare a state of emergency, resulting in closings of schools and government buildings. In addition, thousands of flights have been cancelled throughout the East Coast in anticipation of hazardous conditions.

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Warnings issued by the National Weather Service have resulted in a mix of panic and preparation for Americans along the East Coast. To prepare for the snow storm, people have been stocking up on the essentials. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has a preparation checklist that can be found at nbcnews.com. The list includes advice and instructions on what is needed to be prepared for an emergency state.

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