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Ten Valentine’s Day gifts that every nerd will love

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it is time to start looking at finding the perfect gift for your significant other (SO). However, getting the same thing every year gets boring. Chocolates and flowers and bears, OH MY! Wrong: OH NO is more like it. Get your SO something unique that anybody who is obsessed with Star Wars, Harry Potter, video games or anime will love. Here is a list of ten gifts that any nerd will love:

Star Wars Bouquet – Darth Vader

Photo courtesy of likecool.com

For your loved ones who may not be a fan of flowers, but love Star Wars, here is the Valentine’s gift for you! The bouquet is filled with one long-stemmed Darth Vader plush and eight long-stemmed Stormtrooper plush dolls. Don’t worry, Darth Vader and his Stormtrooper will not wilt or die! When you are done showing off your out-of-this-world bouquet, the plush dolls can be removed and displayed on their own. Nothing says I love you more than a bouquet of plush-Imperials.

(Retails for $59.99 on thinkgeek.com)

Harry Potter House Scarves

Photo courtesy of awesomestufftobuy.com

Valentine’s Day is in the middle of February, and everyone knows that Illinois weather likes to surprise everyone on a day-to-day basis. So what better way to keep your significant other (SO) ready for the surprise cold days than with a Harry Potter scarf that matches his/her house? The licensed scarves are over six feet long and made of lamb’s wool. Choose between Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin or Ravenclaw (or let the Sorting Hat choose for you on Pottermore.com where you can find out what house you really are).

(Retails for $29.99 on thinkgeek.com, currently on for $17.99 as of 1/31/16)

3D Unicorn Mug

Photo courtesy of polyvore.com

Add the magic to your SO’s morning with the 3D Unicorn Mug from ThinkGeek! Coffee, hot chocolate and tea lovers all around will fall in love with this mug. It’s ceramic and holds approximately 16 oz. It is also dishwasher and microwave safe, unicorn and all.

(Retails for $12.99 on thinkgeek.com.)

8-Bit Dynamic Life Pin Set

Photo courtesy of leiphone.com

Video game lovers know all too well that when your hit points or hearts deplete, it means you die. Game over! It is a little bit more difficult for us humans to keep track of our heart gauge; however, ThinkGeek has made it simple! Their ‘scientific’ research has found that we humans typically have a full heart gauge when we are with someone we love. They have created a pin set where you keep one pin, and give the other to your SO. When you and your SO are apart, the heart gauge shows one pin. When you and your SO are together, your heart gauge is completely full with six 8-bit hearts lit up! Just be careful when straying too far and battling enemies on your own with only one heart.

(Retails at $19.99 on thinkgeek.com)

Legend of Zelda Premium Journal – Exclusive

Photo courtesy of moviepilot.com

Recording memories is an incredible part of being in a relationship. Why not do it in a stylish way by purchasing this ThinkGeek exclusive Legend of Zelda Premium Journal? The cover is inscribed with the Gate of Time, the end papers feature a map of Hyrule and the elastic band features the Hylian shield. So whether you’re traveling to Hyrule or just taking a walk down the street, your SO can record your adventures and memories in this appropriate journal.

(Retails at $19.99 on thinkgeek.com)

Totoro with Umbrella Plush

Photo courtesy of wanelo.com

If your SO is a Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki fan, this is the gift for them! This adorable Totoro plush may not be as big as the real deal but he is just as snuggly. It beats the typical “stuffed bear holding a heart,” I can promise you that! Plus, stuffed bears don’t shield you from the rain like Totoro.

(Retails at $19.99 on thinkgeek.com)

The Hobbit: Thorin’s Key Necklace

Photo courtesy of nerdmania.com

Jewelry is known to be the way to a girl’s heart, but it doesn’t have to be filled with diamonds for her to love it! The Hobbit: Thorin’s Key Necklace is way better than any boring diamond necklace (and cheaper too!) Thorin’s key was passed down from his grandfather and was known to open the secret side door to Lonely Mountain. While a large burden to bear, your friends (dwarves and humans) will be jealous of the new key you or your girlfriend wears.

(Retails at $29.99 on thinkgeek.com)

Legendary 8-Bit Treasure Chest with LEDs and Sound

Gif courtesy of pinterest.com

Some women have so many necklaces that they are in desperate need of somewhere to hold all of that valuable merchandise. This Legendary 8-Bit Treasure Chest with LEDs and Sound is what any “geek girl” would love! This treasure chest replica makes you feel like you are inside of a video game and being rewarded every time you open it with the LED lights and fanfare that plays as the chest opens. It would even be a cool mix-and-match gift with Thorin’s Key Necklace listed above!

(Retails at $29.99 on thinkgeek.com)

Superfight! Card Game

Photo courtesy of thinkgeek.com

This Valentine’s Day is a gift that will last longer than chocolates or flowers! It is a card game that can be played at any get-together or party. It is a card game that can be compared to Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity; however, this game is played with superheroes and super powers (kind of). Every player picks a fighter card and two power/problem cards. Then everyone who is playing will argue on who will win which fight. ThinkGeek has put together some potential matches in order to understand some of the hilarious outcomes a person can create:

Mr. Rogers (who is made of sand and armed with a rotating machine gun turret) vs. Stephen Hawking (who is armed with a baguette and 3 stories tall);

A Woolly Mammoth (that is literally afraid of its own shadow and throws knives) vs. A T-Rex (that uses the force and has one million twitter followers);

A Senior Citizen Bowling Team (that is on a jet ski and armed with nun chucks) vs. A Kindergarten Class (that just drank 5 energy drinks and sprays neurotoxin).

Any SO would love to have this game to show off to all of their friends and family.

(The core game retails at $34.99 while the expansions retail at $14.99 on thinkgeek.com)

Grow Your Own Love Dome

Photo courtesy of fatbraintoys.com

For the DIY (Do-it-yourself) crowd, this one is a must! The Love Dome is a terrarium full of plants that are pink and red (screams love, am I right?). This kit comes with everything your loved ones need to plant their own terrarium. It includes five seed packs including Baby's Breath, Fire Plant, Forget-Me-Not, Polka Dot Plant and Sweet Pea seeds. It comes with growing and care instructions so that even if this is your SO’s first terrarium kit, there is no way they can fail!

(Retails at $24.99 on thinkgeek.com)

Please feel free to share what you got your significant others for Valentine’s Day or if you ended up getting any of these gifts. Let us know on the Encounter Facebook page! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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