• Sarah Schoenrock

Bum: the new kitty "kraze"

Cat lovers, behold the next big cat of the internet: Bum, the constantly worried cat. Don’t worry, he’s not actually worried all the time. The shape of his eyes and eyelids make Bum look as if he is in a perpetual state of worry. According to the Daily Mail, Bum’s owner Courtney Morman has taken Bum to the vet, to find that there really isn’t anything wrong with his eyes, they’re just shaped a bit differently compared to the average cat.

According to ABC News, Bum was a rescue kitten found in the streets of San Diego, California two years ago. A kind stranger found Bum and his littermates and brought him into the San Diego Humane Society, where he was adopted by Morman.

Photo courtesy of yimg.com

Bum has gained recent Internet fame from his new Instagram account that Morman has made for him. You can follow Bum on Instagram at @worried_cat_aka_bum. Bum’s account is only one week old, but he has already reached 13.4 thousand followers. The account is set to private, so you will need to send a request to view Bum in all of his cute, worried glory.

Photo courtesy of boredpanda.com

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