• Hannah Tadey

Match your feline or K-9 BFF (I'm fur-real!)

With the #friendsday posts still spamming our Facebook walls, I would like to present to you the best #friendsday present of all time: The FriendshipCollar. I’d elaborate for you in some fancy, ridiculous way in order to make you laugh or think my post is cute, but I CANNOT CALM DOWN.

Photo courtesy of friendshipcollar.com

The Friendship Collar package consists of a collar for your furry friend and a matching bracelet for you, so you can finally show off your true BFF (sorry, human BFFs).

Even better (I didn’t think it was possible to get better, either!) the FriendshipCollar is the world’s first PETA approved vegan pet product. The foundation also takes a percentage of each sale and puts it towards supporting local animal shelters and various animal rights movements.

The duo comes in a surplus of colors, patterns and embellishments, so you and your hairy bestie are basically runway ready. FriendshipCollars (which includes the matching bracelet) start at just $35, so order yours today!

Finally, my pup and I can REALLY match in every Insta selfie we take, eeek!


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