• Katie Nork

Ways to Celebrate #NationalLoveYourPetDay (aka the best holiday ever)

Saturday, February 20 is National Love Your Pet Day, so if you have a furry friend don’t be ashamed to throw them the best party ever! If you need some ideas to throw them the party of the year, look no further. Here are several ways that you can show your love for your pet.

Bake them a cake (or a homemade treat)

Photo courtesy of crazycrumb.com

What animal doesn’t love food? Make them a treat that they will love.

*Visit the Encounter Pinterest page, @usfencounter, to find pet-friendly recipes.

Take your pet on an adventure

Photo courtesy of animalswecare.com

My dogs love going on car rides (except not to the vet!). Take you pet on a short ride around town and maybe stop at a pet-friendly park and play a game of fetch or just get some fresh air. You can also take your pet to your local pet store that is animal-friendly.

Take a nap

Photo courtesy of pvhcare.com

My dog loves to snuggle under the blankets, so curl up with your pet and take a long nap.

Play with your pet

Photo courtesy of ebay.com

My dogs love to squeak their toys and run around the house. My hamster loves to run around the house in his ball. Get your pet a new toy and spend time playing with them.

Your pets won’t live forever so make the most of your time with them! Use National Love Your Pet Day as an excuse to not do anything but hang out with your best buddy all day!

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