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SGA Briefs

Update on Internet:

SGA has teamed up with IT and has discussed ways to fix Internet and connection issues throughout the campus; we are in the midst of figuring out things to better the campus for residents and commuters.

New Senator Appointments

We have new senators working with SGA: Kayla Callahan, Myra Limon, and Jake Fitzgerald. These new senators are looking forward to working on bettering the campus! If you have any suggestions for them, come by the SGA office or send SGA an email.

Dormant Club Legislation

Legislation was presented to better explain a dormant club, what that status is, as well as how reinstating a dormant club goes. This would work to speed up the process and made to accommodate all clubs. The bill was passed and will be instituted when placed into the constitution.


Have any suggestions for changes you want to see around campus? Contact Student Government at studentgovernment@stfrancis.edu with any ideas!

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