• Kylie Mason

Facebook: an Update Full of New Emotions

People have petitioned for years for Facebook to get a “dislike” button on statuses, photos, videos etc. After all this time, Facebook has heard the pleas from its people and has given them what they’ve been asking for! ….Kind of.

Now Facebook allows so that you can do so much more than just “dislike” a post. You can add different emotions towards people’s posts. The new additions are 'love,' 'haha,' 'wow,' 'sad' and 'angry.' You can choose any of these options (along with the original ‘like’ option) to give the most literal reaction to your friends’ and family's posts.

If you are using a smart phone, you can trigger the new ‘reactions’ by holding down the ‘like’ button and they will appear above it, allowing you to choose the emotion you deem fit. If you are using a computer, you’ll see the ‘reactions’ as your mouse hovers above the ‘like’ button.

As you can see, there still is not an official “dislike” button, but there are still emotions that can be deemed as a disapproving emotion towards a status, video or picture.

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