• Abigail Blome

Weirdest Obscure March Holidays

Everyone knows about the major March holidays like St. Patrick’s Day and Easter, but there are so many other weird holidays that you could be celebrating! In fact, there’s at least one Internet-official holiday for every day of the year. Here are some of the more interesting ones in March:

March 1: Peanut Butter Lover’s Day

Photo courtesy of peanutbutterlovers.com

Make yourself a PB & J, a PB & Banana, PB & Marshmallow fluff or PB & anything!

March 3: If Pets Had Thumbs Day

Photo courtesy of huffingtonpost.com

Take this day to sit back and ponder what it would be like if your pets had thumbs.

March 10: Middle Name Pride Day

Photo courtesy of sodahead.com

A lot of people don’t like their middle names and don’t like people to know what their middle name is. Take pride in it today!

March 15: Everything-You-Think-is-Wrong Day

Photo courtesy of cdn2.omidoo.com

I don't make the rules, I’m just telling you them. Just accept your wrongness and wait 24 hours to be right again.

March 20: Extraterrestrial Abduction Day

Photo courtesy of neaopsis.org

Keep your eye on the sky and maybe wear a tinfoil hat while you lay low. Don’t worry, it will all be over soon.

March 26: Make-Up-Your-Own-Holiday Day

Photo courtesy of asianjournal.com

Not really feeling it for any of the other holidays on the list? Well here’s the holiday for you! Make up your own reason to celebrate!

March 30: Take a Walk in the Park Day

Photo courtesy of dailystormer.com

It’s the end of March! The weather should be lovely at this point (at least we can hope). Enjoy the beginning of spring and get some fresh air!

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