• Katie Nork

Opinion: Trump is Gone, Now Chill-Out, Chicago

By now everyone has heard that protestors in Chicago have suspended Donald Trump’s rally to a later date. That is a fantastic win for the protestors; they have accomplished their goal, but now it is being taken too far.

Photo courtesy of kiro7.com

The rally was cancelled for “safety reasons.” Shouldn’t these two words be a clue that when we protest, we are losing sight of the real reasons why we protest? We have to worry about the safety of everyone when there are protests going on because people are getting hurt. Is that what the goal of these protests are? To get your point across by injuring people and damaging other peoples’ property? Now I’m not trying to say that protesting is wrong because I am all for peaceful protesting and trying to change something you don’t agree with, but I have to draw the line when people are being injured and things are being set on fire.

For the most part, the beginning of the protest in Chicago tonight was civil and the protesters accomplished what they wanted. A statement from UIC Police Chief Kevin Booker read, “The vast majority of attendees at today's events exercised their Constitutional rights of free speech and free assembly peacefully.” However, it all started to take a turn for the worse when protestors started to be arrested and forcibly removed. One caller told ABC 7 Chicago that, “The police, they don't seem to be doing anything to get anyone out of here, so everyone in the parking garage started to get weapons out of their car, they're ready to fight.” A Chicago police officer was bloodied trying to keep protestors at bay tonight. This is where the “protesting” needs to stop; when people are afraid for their safety and where bloodshed is present.

The protesting in America has gotten way out of hand. We try to fight violence with more violence. Maybe if we try to resolve our problems more peacefully, we would actually see a change in this country.

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