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#BachelorNation: AND THE WINNER IS... *spoilers ahead!*

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Ben Higgins stole America’s heart when he was on season 11’s “The Bachelorette.” Kaitlyn Bristowe, the Bachelorette at the time, sent Ben home and broke his heart, making him feel “unlovable.” However, ABC wanted to give him another shot at finding true love and named him season 20’s “The Bachelor.”

We have watched Ben date 28 women over the last two months, and tonight we found out who Ben decided was worth a monogamous relationship during the season finale.

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The last two women standing (in case you’ve been under a rock for the last two months) are Joelle Fletcher and Lauren Bushnell. Tonight’s episode is a mixture of live and (obviously) pre-recorded footage in Jamaica. Tonight’s episode started with Ben confessing that he is in love with two women and that he's scared that he’s going to make a mistake in his final decision. So what better way to help his decision-making than by bringing his parents in to meet the ladies?

Lauren was given the chance to meet Ben’s parents first. Lauren, looking beautiful as always, brings in a large bouquet and wine for the parents (good choice, L.B.). What do you think, was Lauren’s first conversation with Ben’s parents as awkward as we thought? After all, she has been waiting since their “first date” to meet his parents. To us, it just felt as if Lauren’s conversation with the parents was good, but not extraordinary.

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Also, can we please note how sweet it is that Ben’s mother, Amy, was so emotional about her son? No matter how old you get, Ben (27-years-old to be exact), you will always be your mother’s baby.

When JoJo meets Ben’s parents next, she is the cutest thing in the world. You can see how nervous and shaken she is, but it’s so sweet that she cares so much. She cries a lot, which in our eyes shows that she truly cares for Ben (and it shows his parents that, too). When talking to David, Ben’s father, she states, “I love your son so much, and there will never be a day where your son doesn’t know that.”

His parents felt that Lauren was “very polished,” but they felt that JoJo “has fallen in love with Ben” and that she “considers Ben to be almost a best friend.”

Ben seemed to be so much more genuinely taken by JoJo, whereas his relationship with Lauren seemed to be more of an attraction-based relationship.

Lauren and Ben had their last date as “boyfriend and girlfriend,” and there is a video of Lauren talking about how she cannot believe Ben told her she loved him and that it makes everything more secure. If only Lauren knew that he told JoJo he loved her too.

We feel the same way, Olivia.

Throughout Lauren and Ben’s one-on-one evening time, it feels like an awkward “hey, the camera is still here and I’ve made my decision, but we have to keep playing it up” conversation. Lauren’s side comments just keep circling one topic: she doesn’t believe she could live a life without Ben by her side. She no longer knows what she would do without him.

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“I’m really emotional tonight...I’m scared right now, but I also feel really at peace and when I’m with you I feel that this is where I’m supposed to be…” she says to Ben. The emotional side comments from Lauren (post-date) were heartbreaking as she cried and became extremely emotional and vulnerable about her feelings towards Ben.

The next morning Ben goes through another life-talk with himself (which sounds the same every time). He loves them both, he can’t figure out who to choose, blah blah blah. C’mon, Ben, get your future-wife-problems figured out!

Ben and JoJo have the most passionate kiss we have seen on the Bachelor this season. All the signs kept pointing to JoJo, and that kiss was something we hadn’t seen between L.B. and Ben. Besides the kiss, they have a touching conversation in the Jeep that Ben brought to JoJo’s date. Their relationship as a whole just feels more comfortable to us (even though we are just looking at it through a TV screen). Whereas Lauren and Ben had an awkward beginning to their date, JoJo and Ben’s started out great. They have a deep talk about Ben’s confusion between the two ladies, which breaks our little hearts when JoJo doesn’t understand why he is so confused when she is so positive about him.

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Side note: Don’t think that because we are saying more about JoJo’s date than Lauren’s date that we are leaning more towards JoJo. We think Ben would have been happy with either of the girls. However, JoJo and Ben just strictly have a deeper connection and say more than “I love you” over and over again. (OK, you can take that last sentence as a bit of a stab at L.B.)

JoJo’s night date started off emotional for both Ben and JoJo. Ben keeps tripping over his words. Ben, what are words? Get your thoughts figured out. This is harder for the two ladies that are waiting on the side of the road hoping you’ll pick them. So when JoJo rolls her eyes at you, it’s because she cares.

And then our hearts stop: BEN ADMITTED HE LOVED BOTH THE WOMEN TO JOJO. We hope the hearts of America sank just as ours did at that moment.

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Ben wakes up and says he is going to propose to one of the two ladies tonight. Big surprise: he still has no idea who he is going to pick. Even Neil Lane who is asking him to pick out the Neil Lane engagement ring is shocked he hasn’t picked a woman yet. He looks down at the $90,000 ring, and magically looking at the ring he decides who he is going to marry. (Is that how love works now-a-days?) ((Yes, we're in awe of this ring, too.))

Ben anxiously awaits the women as he has to propose to one, and break the other’s heart (and America’s). “I fell in love with you, but I fell in love with somebody else more” JoJo shakes her head. Ben tries to make it okay, but he’s lost for words (as is our poor girl, JoJo). She questions when it went wrong, when they stopped being best friends. But she’s strong and says it’s okay. Our hearts break with hers as she’s quietly escorted back to the last Bachelor-provided limo ride of her rollercoaster experience.

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Is it us, or do you feel like the Bachelor Live audience is upset with Ben’s decision? Eyes are rolling and hands are barely clapping. COME ON, BEN, COME ON!

(Also, Chris Harrison, we get it: Ben’s pastor is standing by. You don’t need to say it every time we get back from a commercial.)

Ben, what are you doing?!?!?! How the HELL are you going to say you would have been happy marrying JoJo right before calling L.B.’s dad for his approval to propose?

Anyway, there you have it, folks. Benjamin Higgins asked Lauren Bushnell to go to bed next to him every night, to wake up with him every morning and to marry him. And of course she said YES!

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Hey, at least they’re good at saying “I love you” by now (since that’s all they’ve been saying for the past few WEEKS). All in all, congratulations L.B. on the final rose (and engagement ring!) Cheers to many happy years together.

Miss JoJo already? Don't worry: we get a full season of her, for "The Bachelor: After the Final Rose" officially announced JoJo Fletcher as the next Bachelorette! Catch her find true love starting this May.

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