• Abigail Blome

If You Need Another Reason to Love Ben & Jerry, Here are Three

In every person’s life, there are always two people who are there for them, even if it seems like no one else is. Through the break ups, misunderstandings in friendships, bad days at work or just an altogether rough week, Ben & Jerry are always there for you with a pint and a spoon.

Not only do we already love these two for their 70+ delicious flavors and new line of dairy-free ice creams, but they have just released three new flavors for us to devour in our pajamas while binge-watching Netflix. These are their new “core” flavors. Upon first glance, you might think that “core” just means these flavors are part of their main ice cream lineup, but no. The official Ben & Jerry’s website describes their core flavors as the “ultimate ice cream experience,” where you are “put in charge of you own ice cream destiny.” These decadent desserts have an actual core in them, like an apple made up entirely of cold creamy goodness and sweet treats, sans the seeds and stem. So… maybe actually not like an apple at all. Here is a visual:

Photo courtesy of benjerry.com

This is “Coconuts for Caramel,” with one part coconut ice cream and fudge chunks, one part caramel ice cream and a core of delicious gooey caramel, this flavor is all parts delicious.

Photo courtesy of benjerry.com

Now that you know the anatomy of a core flavor, meet “Cookies & Cream Cheesecake.” The ice creams are each cheesecake and chocolate flavored, respectively, with chocolate cookie chunks mixed in and a solid core of creamy cheesecake.

Photo courtesy of benjerry.com

Last, but very definitely not least, is “Brownie Batter.” This may sound like just any old ice cream flavor, but under its lid this ice cream is anything but ordinary. You get the best of both worlds, with chocolate and vanilla ice creams residing side by side, add fudgy brownie chunks and a core of rich brownie batter and this flavor is absolute chocolate heaven.

Hurry and get these new creamy confectionaries while your store has them in stock. With mouth-watering flavors like these, who knows how fast they will fly off the shelves?

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