• Sarah Schoenrock

Meet Miitomo, Nintendo’s First Mobile App

Nintendo has recently announced their very first mobile app, Miitomo, a social app where you can interact with friends, ask questions, see what your friends have to say and all while doing so as a cute little Mii!

Available both for iOS and Android on the App Store and Google Play respectively, Miitomo is free to join and play. If you have a Nintendo account, you can link your account to Miitomo. You can link the app to your Twitter and Facebook account in order to find fellow friends who have the app as well. If you have any mutual friends of followers on your accounts, you are able to add them in Miitomo. The app also allows you to add friends in person if you are both using it.

After downloading Miitomo, you begin by creating your Mii, the avatar you customize to look like yourself in the app. You can personally customize everything or use the front facing camera to take a picture and have the app try to replicate you. After creating the physical appearance of your Mii, you can alter how your Mii will sound when they speak, such as how high or low the pitch will be or how fast you will talk. The last step in Mii creation is setting up your personality. Based on how you set your attitude, expression, movement, manners and individuality in the app, you will be given a personality type and the actions and emotions expressed by your Mii will reflect your personality type.

Once your Mii is set up, you can answer some questions and your responses will be shared with fellow friends. They can "heart" (favorite) some of your responses and answer them along with you as well. You can also “visit” friends, where you will be able to answer questions that will only be shared between yourselves. Friends are also able to visit you and answer questions that only you will be able to see. As you answer questions you will be rewarded with coins, which you can use to buy clothing for your Mii. You can also create photos with your Mii and added friends that you can share with each other.

Miitomo is a fun app that stands apart from other social media with its goofy and entertaining atmosphere. The app is still very new, so perhaps Nintendo may add some new features for users to enjoy. What do you think of Miitomo? What new features would you like to be added to the app?

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