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Virginia Greyhound Shooting Update


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After further investigation, officials have learned that the gunman involved in the Virginia shooting was a 34-year-old man from Aurora, Illinois. The bus in Richmond, Virginia was on its way to Chicago when the shooting took place at the Greyhound Station last Thursday. James Brown III of Aurora, Illinois, is said to have had an extensive criminal record in Kane County, including gun violence, according to state police.

During a brief encounter between the State Trooper and the gunman, Brown pulled out the semiautomatic handgun, a 40-caliber Beretta, and shot Dermyer multiple times. The handgun was purchased legally, but not by Brown himself, according to Superintendent Steven Flaherty. Brown also had nearly 150 rounds of ammunition hidden in his luggage found at the station.

While a motive is still unsure, police have learned of Brown's relationship with the law after talking with his aunt that he was living with, Edith Brown. Edith described her nephew as a "troubled young man," going on to say that "he had a background. And his dealings with the police were not always upbeat and positive."


April 2, 2016

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Officials have confirmed that two men have passed away, as well as two others injured due to a shooting on Thursday in Richmond, Virginia. During a training exercise at a Greyhound bus station on Thursday afternoon, a Virginia State Trooper and gunman were shot and killed. After the suspect opened fire at the trooper, two fellow troopers who were standing by returned fire, shooting the suspect. Stray bullets from the open fire caused two others to be sent to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

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The State Trooper has been identified as Chad Dermyer, 37, according to Virginia State Police. Dermyer, a former Marine, had been a part of the Virginia State Police since 2014. He began his career as an officer in his hometown of Jackson, Mississipi. He is survived by his wife and two children. While the identity of the suspect is known at this time, officials have not yet released a name.

The police were participating in a specialized training session concerning interdiction practices when the gunman approached Dermyer. According to the Superintendent from Virginia State Police, Steven Flaherty, the encounter between Dermyer and the gunman lasted nearly 30 seconds. This was enough times for the gunman to shoot multiple times, causing stray bullets to injure two other female victims. The female victims were taken to VCU Medical Center where they were treated for their injuries.

During a press conference held by Virginia State Police, Flaherty released a statement addressing the tragedy, “It is with an incredibly heavy heart tonight that I announce to you the loss of Police Trooper Chad Dermyer.”

Governer Terry McAuliffe has also released a statement and is willing to give “whatever resources may be necessary,” adding that “our public safety team will continue to monitor the situation.”

The Greyhound Station was closed down for investigation for the day


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