• Kylie Mason

Beyonce Announces Athleisure Clothing Line, Lululemon Throws Shade

Beyoncé has it all: a beautiful family, amazing talent, fame and fortune. Now on top of being a multimillion dollar singer, songwriter and dancer, she can add one more job to her resume: being the owner of a new workout clothing line.

Beyoncé collaborated with Sir Philip Green of the retail giant Arcadia Group to create the "athleisure" clothing line that she calls "Ivy Park." The clothing line will be available starting April 14. Her promotional video can be seen here:

While this should be an exciting time for Beyoncé (as she is promoting her new line by launching her new website www.ivypark.com, modeling her clothing and also having her daughter, Blue Ivy, model the Ivy Park line in the new promo video,) Lululemon - who is no stranger to controversy - put their two cents in about the athleisure clothing line. It all started off with this offensive tweet from Lululemon to one of their clients:

You can only bet that the Beyoncé fan base spoke back to lulu lemon, and they were not happy:

Some upset Beyoncé fans even received apologetic responses from the company at fault:

It got to the point where Lululemon attracted so much negative attention that they eventually took down the original tweet where they accused Beyoncé of imitating their line:

Maybe now Lululemon will #Beyhave and not say snarky comments on their social media about other brands. Beyonce did not release a statement about the original post from Lululemon, and no action was reportedly taken for whoever originally posted that distasteful tweet.

Ivy Park clothing will be available online here and at Topshop stores like Nordstrom, Hudson’s Bay and more. According to fashionbombdaily.com, the price of Ivy Park attire can range anywhere from $30 to $200 per item in the 200-piece clothing line. A Facebook page and Instagram account has been created for the clothing line in which you can keep up-to-date with new styles and clothing lines that Ivy Park comes out with.

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