• Julie Kitzer

Piers Morgan to Kim Kardashian: RIP Feminism?

Photo courtesy of glamour.com

Kim Kardashian West had the internet's attention in early March when she posted a topless photo.

Many people seemed to lose their minds over this, jumping on one of two sides of the fence saying either this is ridiculous, indecent and not motherly behavior or that it is body positive and pro-feminism. Everyone chimed-in with their own opinions, even celebrities, some posting their own topless photos. The buzz of Kim's nude photo started to die down until she followed it up with yet ANOTHER topless Instagram post alongside model Emily Ratajkowski in a photo on March 30.

The photo of Kim and Emily toplessly flipping off the camera is sarcastically captioned, "When we're like...we both have nothing to wear LOL" and, of course, the Internet went crazy again. Although this time, the Internet did seem to side with Kim for once.

Last time Kim posted a Topless photo, Piers Morgan, British journalist and TV personality, responded by offering to buy her clothes. This time Morgan posted to Twitter the photo of the two topless women alongside suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst and captioned it "RIP Feminism." Morgan then tweeted the following:

Followed by this:

And then there was this:

So, is feminism dead? No, of course not. Feminism is about the equality of women, not about women being better than men and not man hating like we sometimes see it warped into. Feminism does not support the belief that women should be in power over men, it is actually in opposition of this. Feminism advocates for women politically, socially and economically to be equal to men. So, when people make comments against feminism, they are, in turn, supporting sexism.

The question Morgan brings up regarding if Tom Hiddleston were to make posts like this, well, I highly doubt it would gain such a big reaction as Kim, and if it were, it would likely be in a more positive manner. The big black bar wouldn't be covering him up. If he were a father, his parenting wouldn't be called to judgment. Who knows, It may even become the latest selfie trend in response. This is all because he is not a woman and, believe it or not, in many different aspects people do not see women as equal to men. Even if it is unintentional and the intent behind it isn't hateful, it is still embedded into our minds.

But to Morgan's ultimate point, "the girls are doing it for money:" this point can definitely be argued. Kim and Emily both get paid a lot of money for being relevant and for being talked about, so by doing this it can certainly be considered self-serving. However, this can be argued about any celebrity. If someone volunteers or contributes to a charity, are they really doing it because they care? Or are they doing it for the positive exposure? It can even be argued about Piers Morgan: does he truly care about feminism and women's issues or is he just trying to fan the flames? Only he knows.

Helen Pankhurst, great-granddaughter of the suffragette, commented on Morgan's response to the photo in her article featured on The Telegraph, "My great-grandmother Emmeline Pankhurst would be utterly bemused by Piers Morgan."

She then offered her personal view saying, "Feminists have carved out the space for women to be themselves. This selfie might not be the most helpful use of that freedom (I don’t think it would be met with a round of loud applause from the suffragettes) but women being able to post nude pictures of themselves is a by-product of the feminist struggle, not crucially the end goal. And, while we can explore why women choose to do this, it is still their prerogative to do so, and it’s an important prerogative."

They may have just been doing this for money or attention, but I personally believe that Kim and Emily's middle finger was directed to those that say they should not being doing this and to those that believe that a woman's body should be hidden or policed.

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