• Abigail Blome

Popular YouTube Personality 'Tobuscus' Facing Sexual Assault Allegations

Photos courtesy of Youtube screenshots.

Toby Turner, better known by his YouTube name Tobuscus, has recently been accused of rape and sexual assault by fellow YouTube personality and former girlfriend April Fletcher. Fletcher came forward on her Tumblr blog, going into detail about the couple’s relationship and the alleged drug and rape incidents that she says occurred. The following is an excerpt from her blog post, which can be found in full here:

“I asked him if he had slipped something in my drink. […] I asked a bunch of times and he denied. But I already knew the answer. I also knew that the people who die from mdma/molly have always been mixing it with alcohol. That both of those together are a DEADLY mix. That Toby is a drug addict and that the amount of drugs he put in my drink are far more than I will EVER be capable of handling. I start crying and telling him he’s going to kill me. Why would he try to hurt me. That he is selfish and that I am going to die because of him. This somehow gives him a moment of clarity or maybe it was just the drugs taking effect, but he admits to putting it in my drink. He tells me it was only just a little bit and it must have still been on the glass from when he used it. Then he admits fully to doing it. He starts crying as well and admitting he is a sex addict and drug addict and needs to get help. I am SO F----- UP at this point that I honestly don’t remember what happened. Did we have sex? Did we only talk? I’m not sure. All I know is at some point he is passed out cuddling me on his beanbag chair and I’m just staring straight ahead wide awake with anxiety. I literally feel like I am being held hostage and kidnapped.”

Fletcher posted old screenshots of alleged conversations between herself and Turner on Twitter to further support her claims:

Screenshot from Twitter.

Since the allegations, Turner has released a video refuting the claims, saying that he is “shocked” and “hurt” by the accusations. Turner said in the video, "I want to be crystal clear: I've never done anything without her consent. I've never tried to trick her into anything."

Photo courtesy of youtube.com

Recently, many other YouTube personalities have come forward to offer support for each of those involved respectively. One of which, Claire Lourdes, posted her experiences in a blog post saying, “I have made peace with my time with Toby and don’t wish to discuss it in detail, as is my choice. However, I can say that my time with him has given me the experience and perspective to believe their accounts are absolutely true.” Another YouTube personality and former girlfriend of Turner, Olga Kay, stated that she never felt threatened or unsafe during her relationship with Turner, but did not comment on the validity of Fletcher’s accusations.

Turner’s mother, on the other hand, came forward saying that Fletcher’s claims were absolutely ridiculous. Turner’s mother claimed that Turner and Fletcher were never even romantically involved, though Turner himself states otherwise in his own response video.

Since these responses, no further comments have been released about the situation. It is yet unclear whether either party will take the issue to court for defamation or sexual assault, respectively.

Watch Tobuscus' video addressing the accusations below:

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