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Another Kanye Article About Kanye Being Kanye

Also titled: "Kanye’s an asshole, kinda,” or “damn, Kanye, back at it again” or “Kanye interrupts another speech”

Kanye did it again. He interrupted someone’s speech. Now I know what you’re thinking; why should I care? Really, unless you’re a Kanye fan like I am, you probably don’t care (and at first I didn’t, either). Then it hit me. This is actually kind of a big deal. Hear me out here:

The incident took place over the weekend at nightclub extraordinaire Dave Grutman’s wedding in Miami. It was quick and pretty funny with the context involved. To understand it though, let’s time travel back to 2009 for a second. Taylor Swift was just becoming her world-dominating self and accepting an award for Best Female Video at the VMAs. Kanye, by most reports was quite inebriated, decided to crash the acceptance speech in defense of his good friend Beyoncé, who he felt should have won the award.

Now, this is really when “Kanye the Asshole” was born. You know, the Kanye of the Twitter rants and “beefs” with Wiz Khalifa, and yes, the Kanye who fought with paparazzi. The backlash for this little interruption was immense. Not only were there countless “hit pieces” written meant to all but destroy his career, but radio DJs stopped playing Kanye songs or even Kanye features. “Knock You Down” by Keri Hilson was a radio smash around this same time and I distinctly remember them skipping Kanye’s verse all-together for a while after this incident happened. Most people would not recover from this much negative publicity and Kanye looked like "most people" for a little while.

There was little to no word from Kanye for a good amount of time. He disappeared and did not release any music. I wouldn’t have come out of hiding either with all the backlash he was receiving. I remember wondering if he was ever going to recover. Taylor was becoming “America’s Sweetheart” and that meant her influence was far-reaching and the impact was strong. Then it happened:

That happened. Almost a year after the infamous interruption and at the 2010 VMAs, almost out of nowhere, Kanye reappeared with a new song. I remember watching this and being wowed by it: this was a man going on national TV and embracing his inner-asshole and apologizing for it. He never directly apologized to Taylor in the song, “Runaway,” but it was implied. He then went on to drop one of the greatest albums in recent memory, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.” This was a triumphant return to greatness. His career had not been ruined, it evolved.

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Then the paparazzi fights, the rants and “Yeezus” happened. Kanye became a Meme, a caricature. Many thought he was oblivious to this fact, that his God complex did not allow for him to worry about us mere mortals jokes at his expense. This video, as well as him faking like he was going to interrupt Beck recently, was him embracing his Meme self. He knows how people think of him and he doesn’t really care. That was evident in his most recent album with a song dedicated to him embracing the different “Kanyes” with the song titled “I Love Kanye.” The most controversial and talked about track on this album thus far being “Famous.” Right off the bat Kanye hits us with the lines, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that bitch famous,” and wow, that’s really aggressive.

Now there’s two schools of thought here, is he really that much of an asshole or is this line and the braggadocio tongue in cheek? I tend to lean towards the latter thought because of videos like this one from the weekend. He’s laughing at himself, he knows he has messed up and done some dumb things and he’s turned it into basically another persona. There’s “The Broke and Misunderstood Artist,” “The Kid from Chicago,” “The Father,” “The God,” “The Fashion Designer” and the most talked about, “The Asshole.” The thing is, at the end of the day they’re all one person and all uniquely Kanye, and he’s laughing at those Memes same as you and me.

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