• Patti Raspolich

Star Wars Museum No Longer Pursuing Chicago

This Tuesday, the wife of George Lucas announced that the couple will no longer be pursuing Chicago as the location for the Star Wars museum. Just a day before the fan-made holiday, May the Fourth be with you, fans learned that the famous producer of the Star Wars series is in search a location outside of Chicago.

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After a two-year lawsuit with a preservation group called the Friends of the Parks, Lucas and his wife, Mellody Hobson, have decided to pursue other options for the museum. "In refusing to accept the extraordinary public benefits of the museum, the Friends of the Parks has proven to be no friend of Chicago," Hobson's statement said regarding the decision to search for other options.

The new museum, which will be called the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, will be host to memorabilia from the highly successful franchise, as well as art from the couple's personal collection. Lucas sold the rights to the franchise to Disney in 2012 for a reported $4 billion.

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Due to the lawsuit filed by the Friends of the Parks, Lucas' proposal site near Soldier Field was put on hold. In the proposal, Lucas hoped to obtain a lake-front location and he is willing to invest as he has already pledged $740 million of his own money to fund the project.

Mayor Emanuel is in favor of the proposal and believes it will benefit the city economically in addition to bring countless job opportunities. After hearing the statement released by Hobson, the mayor's office plans on bringing the lawsuit to federal appeals court to be dismissed. "They can not be trusted, and we will not allow them to hold this project hostage any longer," said the statement released by the mayor's office. If the review is denied, city officials will no longer pursue any further action, as the museum will be choosing a different location.

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