• Sarah Schoenrock

Real Life "Neko Atsume"

For those of us who adore the mobile game "Neko Atsume," or “Kitty Collector” in Japanese, you can watch cats come and go in this South Korean based stream. For those unfamiliar with "Neko Atsume," it's a free mobile game available for iOS and Android devices. The game is very easy: simply place down cat food and toys and wait for the cats to come. Cats will leave you fish that is the in-game currency. The more cats you collect, the more fish you will earn. Fish buys you more food and more toys, so you can buy fancy sashimi and different types of structures for the kitties. On a rare occasion, you will sometimes receive golden fish that can buy items that regular fish can’t. There are even rare cats that will occasionally pop up based on the items you place.

Similar to this game, Koo Eun-je from South Korea, has set up a small area for stray cats to come eat, sleep and play. According to ABC News, Eun-je set up his cat corner after feeding a stray cat his leftover fish while visiting his mother-in-law in the countryside. The next day, the same cat showed up again followed by a few other strays. In South Korea, stray cats do not have a positive image and are commonly viewed as “little thieves” as they will often take food scraps. Eun-je, feeling sorry for the cats, decided to set up a small area to feed the cats and decorated the area with toys, lights and a little menu board of what food will be served to the cats that day.

Eun-je started to video stream the area and called it the “Restaurant for Cats.” He now has over 100,000 views per month on his stream and has received donations from viewers to keep his cat restaurant going. According the The Verge, Eun-je has given each cat a nick-name, which include T-shirt, Little One, Spot, Tiger and Won-Bin.

While the stream is not available at this time for US viewers, fans of the stream in Korea have uploaded some of the videos to YouTube, available to watch here.

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