• Hannah Tadey

iOS 10: The Biggest, Boldest Changes to iPhone Yet

Screenshot from apple.com

It’s that time of year again: the notorious iPhone operating system rumors have come out to taunt us Apple fanatics, only to be (somewhat) disappointed in the actual product/update. Not this year, though. Though the iPhone 7 design has yet to be released, us iPhone users have an *OFFICIAL* iOS preview straight from the June 14 Apple press conference. Per apple.com and Craig Frederighi, Apple’s Senior Vice President, here are some of the fancy new updates we can be expecting come September:

Rich links: for prettier links.

Gone are the days of texting mom an article and her replying “What????” to that four-line URL you sent her. Rich links will send artwork from the website as well as the title. Videos will automatically embed.

Emojis. Three. Times. Bigger.

‘Nough said.


This one deserves all caps. It doesn’t even need an explanation. You can delete iBooks and Podcasts and Watch and Tips and that whole “Stupid iPhone Crap” folder you hide on the last screen on your homepage.

Raise to wake.

Pick up your phone to wake up the lock screen instead of always clicking on your lock or home button. Your notifications will remain there each time.

Lock screen: revamped.

Sliding left to reply quickly is awesome, but it can (and will) be better. Responding to notifications will more heavily rely on 3D Touch to save time. The use of 3D Touch in iMessages, for example, will allow you not only to reply to that message, but see the previous messages and view any sent media...all from the lock screen.

Search Photos.

Want to show your great aunt photos of you and boo from Tennessee two summers ago? Simply search “Tennessee” instead of embarrassingly scrolling through all of those *college* pics (like you eating a whole large cheese pizza by yourself).

Use Apple Pay online.

Apple Pay is no longer only available at those two stores in the mall. Use it online for a safer, more secure checkout.

Write it multilingual.

Perfect for those homes/relationships/friendships where every other word is a different language. Speak half Spanish and half English? No hay problema. You no longer have to switch between keyboards!

Write it yourself.

Send iMessages in your own handwriting. No stylus is needed for this feature, which makes this a win-win! Once sent, your friends will see your writing animate just as if you’re writing it in real-time.

Say it differently.

We always complain that you can’t read somebody through a text. Have no fear, for Apple has come up with a solution! Change the way your bubbles look with bubble effects. Say something loud. Whisper. It’s up to you.

Animate it, completely.

Emphasize your BFF’s birthday at exactly 12 a.m. by sending her a screen full of balloons floating up, up and away. The short animations take over the whole screen.

Keep it secret.

Send messages with invisible ink: yes, this one works for messages and media. Hide that gorgeous engagement ring or send that text about Joanna’s best friend to Joanna while they’re hanging out. It’s our little secret (until you slide your finger across the message).

Reply with (a) tapback.

“Are you coming yet?” Instead of quickly typing “omw” in hopes of it changing to the notorious “On my way!!” send a quick thumbs-up to that message. They’re different than emojis and stick to the message you’re tapping-back to.

Personalize media.

Edit your photos and videos to a whole new level. No, I’m not talking about an app where you make yourself look flawless, but about adding stickers or drawing DIRECTLY on your media.

Emoji more.

Your iPhone will now recognize words in your message that you can change to an emoji. Welcome back to 2012 :)

Actually use iPhone’s Maps app.

I’m personally a fan of Google Maps, but the Maps app has finally received a much-needed face-lift. Reserve a table right in the app. Maps will also make proactive suggestions about where you’re going and the fastest way to get there. Search along your route (!!!!!!!). Praise the Lord.

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