• Katie Nork

Military Dummies Pose Ability to Save Lives

A new training program used at Fort Carson in Colorado could help saves lives during military combat. The program is called Medical Simulation Training Center, MSTC for short. MSTC trains military medics in almost every battlefield situation imaginable.

The program uses lifelike mannequins that can go into cardiac arrest, mimic gunshot wounds and loss of limbs as well as replicate many other common battlefield injuries. The mannequins can also show the medics symptoms such as sweat and dilated pupils. Controlled by an instructor via a tablet, the mannequins are able to provide instant feedback to the trainees by changing their status from critical to stable, giving them the ability to assess the situation on the spot. These mannequins even have a circulatory system with variable blood pressure. If the procedure done on the mannequin is not the correct one, the dummy will die. Not only does the MSTC program let medics train on incredibly lifelike mannequins, but it also uses special effects to mimic combat scenarios.

MSTC instructor Antonio Zavala told ABC News that he knows of medics who could not care for wounded troops because they did not have the proper training for combat situations. Zavala also said, “Pretty much any intervention you can do on a real person you can do on these mannequins.”

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