• Sarah Schoenrock

Joy is Found

Photo courtesy of MNN.com

The thought of losing a pet is every loving pet owner’s worst nightmare. Even worse, losing a pet from a natural disaster. This nightmare unfortunately became a reality for a woman named Daniela in Amatrice, Italy, who lost her feline companion in an earthquake last Wednesday.

According to Global News, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit central Italy Wednesday, August 24 at 3:28 a.m. The earthquake struck central Italy, causing substantial damage to the area. The damage has caused thousands to lose their home, and for Daniela, that included her cat.

Daniela was unable to locate her cat, Gioia (“joy” in Italian), during the disaster while trying to flee for safety during the earthquake, according to Independent. When firemen and rescuers arrived in Amatrice, Daniela pleaded with them to locate her cat. “Please find her, she’s all I have left,” she stated. “My house has gone, I’ve lost everything.”

As days passed on, hope dwindled as there were no reports of Gioia in sight. The towns were left to rubble and the likelihood of Daniela reuniting with Gioia seemed very unlikely. Six days later, Daniela would celebrate with joy. Amongst the rubble and wreckage, rescuers were able to find Gioia after bulldozing away some of the destroyed housing.

Trapped under broken floorboards and metal structures, the rescue teams carefully took Gioia out of the ruins. The feline was given a much-needed drink from the rescuers and taken to volunteer veterinarians to be examined. “Vets have examined the cat, who is dehydrated, but she will survive," stated the ENPA. After examination and treatment, Gioia was happily reunited with Daniela. In a video from Newzzer Ro, you can watch the rescue in action and see the parched feline taking a drink.

The Entei Nazionale Protezione Animali, an animal protection agency in Italy, has been spending its time working with the voluntary veterinarians to rescue lost and injured pets from the earthquake. So far, over 300 pets and animals have been rescued. Dogs, cats, cows, and turtles have all been saved amongst the debris, stated MNN.

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