• Ashley Montgomery

Apple Announces iPhone 7

Photo courtesy of Apple.com

It’s September, which means it’s time for Apple to make another big product announcement. Yesterday, Apple revealed the new iPhone 7 as well as updates to the Apple Watch at their Apple Event in San Francisco.

The iPhone 7 may look like the 6’s twin, but Apple announced some pretty cool updates to the specs within the phone. The phone will now be water-resistant, have a longer lasting battery, and features a revised home button with force sensitivity, which will vibrate to give feedback. The most impressive new feature is exclusive to the iPhone 7 Plus, which sports not one, but two, rear cameras which are capable of capturing professional grade photos. The two 12PM cameras shoot as one and can display a very sharp foreground and blurry background in the images.

The most surprising update to the phone is the removal of the headphone jack. That’s right – the iPhone 7 will come with a pair of Apple AirPod headphones, which are wireless (and will cost a whopping $159 each when they are released for individual sale in October). As of now, the phones will also come with a Lighting to 3.5-millimeter headphone jack adapter so you can still use your favorite comfy headphones. Apple has already received criticism and backlash about their choice to remove the tiny jack.

Photo courtesy of Twitter.com

Updates were also announced about the Apple Watch, but fans were mostly disappointed with what was to be said at the Apple Event. New York Times journalist Brian Chen commented, “Apple didn’t offer a new killer product or a drastic update to any of the products in its lineup. Instead, Apple piled on new features – like water resistance, stereo speakers, wireless headphones and camera features – to appeal to specific niche buyers.” Unless you are an Apple junkie who finds thrill in staying absolutely up-to-date on their products, the iPhone 7 is no new spectacle.

Apple fans are predicting that the company is saving a bigger release for next year, which marks the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone.

The iPhone 7 is available for preorder tomorrow, and available for purchase on September 16.

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