• Sarah Schoenrock

20 Years After Blue’s Clues

Photo courtesy of pbs.twimg.com

As a kid, one of the most exciting things to see on the television was the start of a “Blue’s Clues” episode. The yellow story book with a big, blue paw print on the cover opening and leading you to the home of Blue, the famous show’s spotted dog, and her owner, Steve, played by Steve Burns.

On September 8, 1996, “Blue’s Clues” debuted on the Nickelodeon channel. Kids would watch Blue leave her paw prints as clues all over the house, leaving Steve and the viewers to solve a puzzle or mystery. The show became a hit and over time became of the most recognized children’s television shows.

After seven years and over 100 episodes, Burns announced in 2002 he would be leaving the show. In an article from Spin, show producer and co-creator Traci Paige Johnson stated about Burns, “He didn’t want to be a children’s host. Of the 100 people we auditioned, he was, by far, the realest. He loved kids, but he didn’t want to make a career out of it.”

After Burns departed from the show and new host Joe, played by Donovan Patton, took over, different rumors spread about why he left. Some people who had missed Steve’s departure episode believed that Burns had passed. In reality, Burns left to pursue a music career.

Burns, now 42-years-old, resides in Brooklyn, New York. He has released two solo albums and one album from his band Steve Burns and the Struggle. Burns has also appeared in films “Netherbeast Incorporated” and “Christmas on Mars”. While no longer hosting a children’s television show, Burns now likes to spend his time on social media and make the occasional joke about his “death.”

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