• Katie Nork

What it's Like to be a Sox Fan Right Now

Photo courtesy of DailyHerald.com

Well we all know by now that Chicago’s beloved Cubbies have clinched the National League Central Division title. That’s great for their fans that haven’t seen a successful team on the North Side in I don’t know how many years, but for Sox fans, to put it nicely, it sucks. And why does the Cubs’ success get under our skin so much? It’s not just because Chicago media outlets give them more attention, it’s because we should have been in the same position as the Cubs in the first place.

The Sox were on fire back in April, first place in their division and well above .500. The Sox were on pace to be really successful this season, but instead fell to their usual mediocrity. Their starting pitching rotation was phenomenal, their hitting was great and their defense was great. So what happened? The Sox horrible management finally started to show through.

The lack of a decent bullpen blew countless games that should have been won. The season continued with this horrible bullpen and what did our management do about it? Nothing. The front office of the team did nothing to try to field a winning team. We should have been in first place in our division too right now. Chris Sale was right when he cut up those jerseys back in July; the management doesn’t care about having a winning team, they only care about promotions and ticket sales. I wonder if the management knows that if you field a winning team tickets sell themselves? It’s not rocket science; I could do a better job than these people.

I don’t want to admit this to myself but the only way the Sox will ever be good enough to be a winning team is to get rid of the management and I know that won’t happen for a long, long time, unfortunately. So us Sox fans can continue to be bitter watching the Cubs’ success because we know that our management isn’t going to change any time soon. But hey, at least we’ve got that World Series ring already!

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