• Patti Raspolich

The Cast of "Will & Grace" Get Together

Over the weekend, a gathering of the famous cast of “Will & Grace” caused some speculation about a possible reunion. After cast members posted photos of themselves on set of the popular NBC show, fans began to wonder what they may be up to.

“I feel like something BIG is going to happen tomorrow,” Debra Messing captioned a photo of herself on Sunday evening. Questions continued after all four cast mates, Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Megan Mullaly and Sean Hayes, posted what appears to be a teaser trailer for whatever reunion is planned.

Photo courtesy of Twitter

While the trailer first appears to be about saving the world, at a closer look, fans can see “WILL & GRACE IS BACK” spelled out in red letters during the short video. The laugh of Karen is also noticeably heard in the background as she laughs and says, “Make America bueno again,” leading to assumptions about a connection to the current political climate. Sean Hayes further confirmed the excitement, posting, “We're baaaaaaack!” to his social media accounts with a photo of the four cast mates.

Photo courtesy of Twitter

Although it is clear that there is some sort of reunion brewing, or in Karen's case, “fermenting,” it is still unsure exactly what it may be. Some are speculating a correlation between Hillary Clinton and the group of four, as all are avid Hillary supporters. Whatever it may be, be sure to keep an eye out on this cast!

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