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Thomas Rhett's Latest Single: "Star of the Show"

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Thomas Rhett is going to gain some serious brownie points with his wife after she hears his latest single, “Star of the Show.” Rhett admitted that his last love song, “Die a Happy Man” was written for his wife, Lauren. He says this new song is written about his wife as well. In this song, Rhett sings about being in love with a woman who is totally unware of how beautiful and amazing she is. Sounds a lot like a song he would write about his wife. Here are some of the lyrics…

“Friday night on the town, we walk in and you draw a crowd

Even the band seems to sing for you

Ease on up, order a drink, barkeep says it’s all on me 

You look at me and laugh like you don't know what to do

Baby you're so cute

Cuz everywhere we go girl you're the star of the show

And everybody's wondering and wanting to know, what’s your name?

Who's that girl with the prettiest smile in the world?

Oh what gets me the most is you don't even know

That you are, you are, you are the star of the show, yeah

You are the star of the show”

Photo courtesy of Instagram

Rhett said of the song, “My wife has been on me for years to write something for her like Tim McGraw's 'Just to See You Smile.' Obviously this isn't exactly like that, but it's my interpretation. It's one-hundred percent autobiographical of our relationship in a three-and-a-half-minute ballad. It's probably my favorite song I've ever written and it will be amazing to show our grandkids the video one day.” This song was actually the first song he’s ever written about his wife, even though “Die a Happy Man” was a single first. “Star of the Show” was written shortly after his and Lauren’s wedding and was played at his live shows before he decided to release it on an album.

The song is on the deluxe edition of his “Tangled Up” album, set to release on October 28. The album is up for pre-order on iTunes and “Star of the Show” is available for purchase from iTunes now.

Lauren has been in quite a few of her husband’s videos. The couple is known as one of country music’s “cutest couples.” While the video isn't available yet, you can listen to “Star of the Show” here.

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