• Katie Nork

Hurricane Matthew: How You Can Help

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As Hurricane Matthew bears down on the U.S., many Americans have been evacuated from their homes, schools have been shut down and windows boarded up as they brace for the storm. President Obama has already declared a state of emergency in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. America isn’t the only place dealing with this destruction. Haiti has already felt Matthew’s wrath as the storm has killed over 900 people and counting. Many of us can only look on with disbelief as we see the devastation that Matthew has brought. But what can the fortunate ones that aren’t in Matthew’s path do to help?

Monetary Donations

You can help just by simply donating money to organizations that help with disaster relief. Monetary donations are the easiest way to help because it avoids shipping costs, shipping delays and customs fees. Organizations are able to purchase exactly what is needed in the area with monetary donations. Here are some great organizations that are raising money for those affected by Matthew:

Of course there are many other great organizations that you can donate to; these are just a few if you don’t know where to start.

Blood Donations

This seems like a strange way to donate to help after a hurricane, but the Red Cross is urging people to donate blood and platelets because Matthew may force cancellations of East Coast blood drives. Blood is being sent to help the victims that may need it, but there is always a need for blood donations. For more information about how to donate blood visit the American Red Cross’ website.

Most relief organizations prefer that you don’t donate actual items because it is expensive to ship these items and it is much easier to purchase the items victims are in need of locally. If you want to get involved with Hurricane Matthew relief, donate to one of the above organizations or start your own donation fund with your own club or organization!

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