• Sara Michalowicz

Carriers Ditch Galaxy Note 7 Replacements

Photo courtesy of cdn04.androidauthority.net

Samsung is still under fire as some replacement devices for their Galaxy Note 7’s are said to have the same issues that caused the device to be recalled early September.

On Sunday, October 9, AT&T and T-Mobile announced that they would stop offering replacement Note 7’s to customers, with the concern that the new version of the Note 7 is no safer from fire risk than the original version.

On September 2, two weeks after the device was released worldwide, an official recall was issued as the popular smartphone was found to have battery problems as multiple users reported that their phones were catching fire. This issue was said to occur due to faulty batteries overheating and causing the phones to ignite.

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It was said that replacement phones were going to solve the issue and Galaxy Note 7 owners began to exchange their old devices for brand new ones. To Samsung’s dismay, since the recall was announced, there have been cases of users having the same dangerous problems with their new, replacement phones.

According to CNN, a Chinese customer reported his replacement phone burst into flames while on the charger. Last week, an American user stated his replacement phone caught on fire even though it was not plugged in. This past Wednesday, smoke began to billow from a replacement Galaxy Note 7 aboard a Southwest Airline plane before it departed, which caused the flight to be cancelled.

An AT&T representative stated, “Based on recent reports, we’re no longer exchanging new Note 7’s at this time, pending further investigation of these reported incidents.” AT&T is encouraging Note 7 owners to visit any AT&T location to exchange for another smartphone of their choice.

John Legere, USA CEO of T-Mobile, announced via Twitter, “Out of an abundance of caution for our customers, @TMobile is halting sales and exchanges of the new Note7.” He followed up with another tweet that stated, “Customers w/ a Note7 should visit a @TMobile store to return, get dif. Device/refund & receive $25 bill credit to offset any costs incurred.”

As far as other mobile carriers, Verizon and Sprint also stated that they will exchange new Note 7’s for other smart phones.

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