• Hannah Tadey

Why You Should be #WithWayOfGray

Photo courtesy of blog.wayofgray.com

If you’re anything like me (or any person I know), you’ve most likely struggled with some sort or some amount of self-doubt. Whether it's mentally, physically or a combination of the two, it happens. But that doubt can go away. Your confidence can sky-rocket. Your smile can be genuine. Most importantly, you’ll smile when you see yourself in the mirror.

Let me introduce Sophie Gray, more commonly known as "Way of Gray." She’s not new to the fitness world, but her popularity is becoming ever more noticeable in America.

Way of Gray (or “WoG” as my bestie and I call her for short) has transformed my view of fitness and, more importantly, myself. From the beginning, she's preached that fitness isn’t about hitting a certain weight, measurement or jean size. Rather, it’s about loving and being yourself.

Not too long ago, WoG released a three-month series of workouts called the “Love Yourself” Workout Guide. They were followed by months four through six and then seven through twelve. These workouts are on Vimeo, so you can work out virtually anywhere, any time. You don’t need any equipment, so it’s a total win for a college kid, too.

But there's a reason I'm writing this. Sophie’s workouts are different. I’m that girl who had bought all sorts of fitness programs or tried following along from a trainer before, but after a short while I didn't see the results I wanted, so I stopped. I would go back to being unhappy with myself. I would find another workout, try again, and the vicious cycle would continue on and on. But Sophie is addictive.

Every workout challenges me. It’s not only physically challenging, though. Throughout the workouts, Sophie instructs you to smile. To think of the end result. But she doesn’t stop there. She reminds you to be proud of yourself in the NOW rather than waiting to be proud of yourself later. I get at least a daily dose of self-love instruction from Sophie, too. She is more than just her workouts. She’s a way of thinking and she’s a woman to strive to be like. She’s absolutely real with her followers (known as Gray’s Nation) and shows us that she’s one of us rather than some “fitness goddess.”

I just can’t emphasize how much self-love she promotes, either. I mean, come on! This is awesome!

Photo courtesy of @wayofgray on Twitter

I wish I could put into words how incredible, different and simply awesome Sophie is. But I'll leave you with this: if you’re interested in checking Sophie or WoG out, she has a free 28-Day Self Care Challenge starting SOON, so sign up! You’ll get a feel of her and the community she promotes. She also offers a one-week free trial of the Love Yourself workout guides and tons of free e-books written by her and her team. You can find it all on her website.

Though I personally am still working on becoming my best self, I can truly say that I feel better and am happier than I have ever been. And that's saying a lot for a college girl.

*Disclaimer: This was written by a genuine Gray’s Nationer. This article is in no way sponsored or influenced by Sophie/the WoG team.

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