• Katie Nork

What Exactly is "Sweetest Day?"

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Today is Sweetest Day, typically known by most as a “Hallmark Holiday” that basically gives us a second Valentine’s Day in October. However, most people forget about Sweetest Day. If we remember, we give our significant others candy, cards, flowers and teddy bears just like we would for Valentine’s Day. Most people know the history of Valentine’s Day, but why was Sweetest Day even created if we already have a holiday for lovers?

Unlike Valentine’s Day, Sweetest Day is not based off of religious traditions, and contrary to popular belief, Sweetest Day was not supposed to be a day to celebrate your significant other. Legend has it that Sweetest Day was created around 1922 by a candy company employee, Herbert Birch Kingston, who wanted to spread joy to those who may have been forgotten. Kingston brought candy and other small gifts to orphans and many others who needed some happiness in their lives.

By the 1930s, multiple movie stars had gotten into the spirit of Sweetest Day, with actress Ann Pennington distributing candy to 2,200 Cleveland newspaper boys and actress Theda Bara giving candy to movie-goers and hospital patients.

Since then, Sweetest Day has evolved to include family members, coworkers, acquaintances and significant others, shaping into the holiday we know today.

Sweetest Day is most popular in the Great Lakes region where it originated but that doesn’t mean that it is limited to us Midwesterners because the holiday has spread throughout the country. Just so you know for next year, the holiday is celebrated on the third Saturday of October every year.

Sweetest Day is basically a day to celebrate anyone in your life that is “sweet” to you, not just your significant other. So go cheer up anyone who is important in your life with a yummy box of chocolates or some gorgeous flowers!

If this article just reminded you about Sweetest Day, don’t worry because here are a few (cheap) last minute gift ideas for your “sweetest.”


Flowers are the perfect gift for any woman because what girl doesn’t love flowers? Plus, these aren’t always seen as a romantic gift so you can give flowers to your girlfriend, your mom or your grandma! Personally, Jewel has always been a favorite of mine to get flowers from because their flowers are gorgeous and are fairly cheap! You can get a nice arrangement of flowers for under $20 (or you can spend more than $20 if you so choose)!


Chocolates are always a good Sweetest Day gift too! Chocolates can be loved by both men and women, so if you’re a girl wondering what to get your boyfriend, you can’t go wrong with a sweet treat (or his favorite candy).


Framed pictures are also a great idea because you can give those to anyone too! Go to Walmart or Target and find a cute frame, print out a picture of you and your “sweetest” and voila, you have a great gift for your mom, your dad, your girlfriend, your boyfriend and literally anyone else important in your life.

I hope that these ideas will help you with your last minute Sweetest Day gifts or at least got your mind thinking about something nice. Just don’t forget the card! Happy Sweetest Day everyone!

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