• Andrew Finein

Joliet Home Target for Racist Graffiti

Photo courtesy of WJOL

A Joliet family has fell victim to a recent strand of racist graffiti. On the morning of October 13, a homeowner in the Old Renwick subdivision woke up and found racist graffiti painted on his house and car, targeting his 20-year-old daughter.

"I won't repeat what they said. It is pretty bad," the homeowner told ABC7 News. The homeowner and his family wish to remain anonymous for their safety.

The fact that the vandals even attempted this in the seemingly safe neighborhood also shocked the homeowner, “That is some bold stuff. The fact that they approached the house not knowing anyone could come out at any moment or a neighbor could come out and catch them in the act.” Neighborhood resident Abe Garza told ABC7 News he has no idea who did this or why, “But this is not our community."

By the local pier, the vandals wrote “this is just the beginning,” so Pat Czajkowski, Vice President of the homeowners’ association, said they are hoping to end it right away. Joliet Police Deputy Chief Al Roechner said, “Next, there is someone getting harmed. This is just the beginning. Eventually, they take it a step further until they get caught.”

Joliet police have confirmed this incident is related to another nearby graffiti incident that occurred the morning of October 3.

Officers are upping patrol in the area and are asking neighbors to keep an eye out for any suspicious people or activity. Anyone with more information is asked to call the Joliet police department at 815-724-3020.

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