• Sarah Schoenrock

Michigan Woman Sentenced After Lying About Kidnapping and Sexual Assault

Photo courtesy of MLive.com

Leiha Ann-Sue Artman of Fruitland Township, Michigan, had told authorities that she was kidnapped from her driveway at her home by four men on March 27. She claimed she was then thrown into the trunk of their car and taken to an unknown location where she was beaten and raped.

On March 29, Artman’s boyfriend had reported receiving text messages demanding money for Artman’s release, according to MLive, a Michigan based news site. He had also received photos of Artman that showed her gagged with bleeding head wounds, which he reported to the investigating Michigan State Police.

Artman reported after the incident that she was able to call her boyfriend and be picked up at an area close to her home after being dropped off by her kidnappers. She was interviewed by state police at Hackley Hospital on March 29. Artman stated that she may have known certain people involved in the attack, but then later changed her story. "At a later date, she implicated certain people who may have been involved in it, but still indicated the assault was committed by people not known to her," stated Matt Roberts, the prosecutor’s chief trail attorney.

After admitting she falsified her reports, Artman potentially faced up to six years in prison since she had previous convictions, which include breaking and entering in 2007 and resisting a police officer in 2014. In February, she was found guilty of larceny. Muskegon Circuit Judge Timothy Hicks sentenced Artman to 12 months in jail, 24 months of probation and fined her $1,158.

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