• Katie Nork

New Will County Electronics Drop-Off Site

Photo courtesy of rockrivertimes.com

A new electronics recycling program will open in Joliet on Tuesday, October 25. Residents can get rid of up to two TVs and as many electronics as they need to. The collection site is at the northwest corner of Ottawa and Marion streets, across the street from the Will County Jail. If you do not know where the collection site is, you can punch in the address, 57 W. Marion St., in your GPS and it will take you to the location.

The site will not be open every day though; it is only open every second and fourth Tuesday of the month from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. TVs and electronics had been banned from landfills back in 2012 and there was a recycling program in Will County until they were shut down earlier this year after the recycling vendor left the business. Purchasing and contract administrator for the city of Joliet, Meg McEvilly, said of the new program, “I believe, from the calls that we have gotten, that there is a pent-up demand for this. People have no place to take their electronics. We get a lot of phone calls: ‘What do I do with my TV?’ People put them out in alleys and not necessarily outside of their home. People have put them on the curbs.”

There are three other electronic recycling sites in Will County located in Lockport, Romeoville and New Lenox. There is no fee to come drop off your electronics in Will County. If you plan on using one of these Will County collections sites, you should bring a form of ID such as your driver’s license to prove that you live in Will County. The Joliet residents that live in Kendall County are also permitted to use the recycling facilities as well. You should not drop off items when the site is not open.

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