• Ivan Flores

Women Accuse Donald Trump After His "Locker Room Talk"

Photo courtesy of Yahoo! News

A series of women have come forward with accusations of sexual misconduct towards them from Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump. the October 9 debate, Trump told CNN Anchor Anderson Cooper he has never touched a woman inappropriately.

Jessica Leeds is one of the first women to come forward. Leeds claims that Trump touched her on a plane heading to New York City in the early 1980’s. According to Yahoo! News, Trump allegedly began touching her breasts as he lifted the armrest and attempted to go under her shirt. Leeds quickly got up and fled to the back of the plane. “He was like an octopus,” Leeds reported. “His hands were everywhere. It was an assault.”

Rachel Crooks claims Trump forced her to kiss him on the mouth without her consent back in 2005. At the time, she was a receptionist at a real estate investment and development company located inside the Manhattan Trump Tower. According to Washington Post, Trump and Crooks shook hands but Trump would not let go when they met inside an elevator. “It didn’t feel like an accident,” she said. “It felt like a violation. I was so upset that he thought I was so insignificant that he could do that.”

Summer Zervos, former “Apprentice” contestant on season five, claims that during a business meeting in 2007 with Trump, he kissed her without consent, groped her breasts, and he thrusted his genitals towards her. “I pushed his chest, put space between us and said, ‘Come on man, get real,’” Zervos stated during a press conference. “He repeated my words back to me, ‘Get real,’ as he began thrusting his genitals.”

Jessica Drake, popular adult film star and director, is the latest woman to disclose information regarding her altercation with Trump. According to New York Daily News, Drake was offered $10,000 and unlimited use of his private jet if she agreed to have sexual relations with him at a golf course in 2006. Drake’s attorney, Gloria Allred, released a photo of Trump standing alongside her client at the golf tournament as proof of the incident. During a news conference, she stated, “His words and actions are a huge testament to his character — that of uncontrollable misogyny, entitlement and being a sexual assault apologist.” Drake serves as the twelfth woman to come forward with accusations of Trump’s misconduct.

Trump since then has denied all of the allegations. According to the Washington Post, Trump sent out a post through his Twitter account stating, “Nothing ever happened with any of these women. Totally made up nonsense to steal the election. Nobody has more respect for women than me!” According to Yahoo! News, Trump claims that the stories are part of a media conspiracy created by the Clinton campaign. NBC reported that Trump plans to sue the women that have accused him of sexual misconduct.

Melania Trump stated during CNN’s “AC 360” with Anderson Cooper that the women that have come forward are not innocent since she has seen first-hand, woman giving their phone numbers to him in front of her. “They know he is married. I would tell them, ‘Why do you feel the need to give your phone number to my husband?’” When asked if what Trump said on the “Access Hollywood” tape was sexual assault, she said, “That is not sexual assault, he did not say that he did it.”

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