• Sarah Schoenrock

Russia's Plan to Dispose of all Chemical Weapons by 2017

Russian military official, Col. Gen. Valery Kapashin, who is head of the storage and disposal of Russia’s chemical weaponry, recently stated that all of Russia’s chemical weapons will be destroyed by December of 2017, according to International Business Times.

Kapashin told Interfax news agency that “the decision was made. The decision is signed.”

In 1993, Russia signed the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), which prohibits the creation, production, stockpiling, trading and use of any chemical weaponry. At the time of signing, Russia claimed it possessed 40,000 tons of toxic chemicals. All destruction of the chemical weapons is performed at one location close to Kizner, Udmurtia. Destruction of all stockpiles began in December of 2002.

According to the Moscow Times, in August of 2016 Kapashin stated 94 percent of the chemical weapon stockpiles had been destroyed. The group that oversees the CWC, the Organization for the Prohibitation of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), had extended the deadline to dispose of all chemical stockpiles from 2015 to 2020.

The original deadline to dispose of all chemical weapons was 2012, but OPCW Director Ahmet Uzumcu stated many nationals were not able to meet this deadline because of financial and technical problems.

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