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108-Years Later: The Cubs are the 2016 “Goatbusters”

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The curse that will forever be known as the “Billy Goat Curse” began on October 6, 1945. Legend has it that Billy Goat Tavern owner, William “Billy Goat” Sianis, attempted to attend Game Four of the World Series where the Chicago Cubs were facing off against the Detroit Tigers at Wrigley Field. Sianis brought two tickets to the game: one for himself and one for his pet goat, Murphy. However, the ushers stopped Sianis from bringing Murphy into the game with him. When Sianis asked P.K. Wrigley, the club owner at the time, why he couldn’t bring in Murphy, Wrigley responded with, “Because the goat stinks.” In rebuttal, the Billy Goat Tavern owner threw up his hands, cursed the team and shouted, “The Cubs ain’t gonna win no more!” Alas, 107-years later and the Chicago Cubs still had yet to win a World Series… that is until November 2, 2016.

The Chicago Cubs faced the Cleveland Indians in the 2016 World Series. The series was tied with three wins for each team; the last game was the game that would declare the winner of the 2016 World Series. The Chicago Cubs were off to a great start as they were leading the game 6-3 in the eighth inning. They were six outs from winning the entire Series. However, as die-hard Cubs fans know after 108-years of losing, the Cubs never get to win anything that easily. As Chicago fans were already celebrating what seemed to be an easy win, the Indians hit a double and two-run home run to tie the game, forcing the game into extra innings. Not to mention that a rain delay hit right between the ninth and tenth innings.

Chicago fans were in utter disbelief. Fans took to Twitter to claim their frustrations with the game.

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After 17 minutes, the tarps were taken off of the field and the tenth inning began. When play resumed, history was made. The Cubs were up to bat and Kyle Schwarber hit a single. Albert Almora Jr., pinch-runner, took the place of Schwarber and advanced to second on a fly ball that Kris Bryant hit. Bryant’s fly ball was caught, giving the Cubs their first out of the inning. In hopes of setting up a double play, the Indians intentionally walked Anthony Rizzo. The move backfired as Ben Zobrist hit a double bringing Almora Jr. home. Miguel Montero had a hit of his own that allowed Rizzo to score as well. The top of the tenth ended with Cubs in the lead 8-6.

Pitcher Carl Edwards Jr. retired the first two Indian batters and then walked Brandon Guyer. Guyer was able to advance to second base. Rajai Davis hit a single which resulted in one RBI, bringing the score to 8-7. Edwards Jr. was relieved by left-hander Mike Montgomery, who got to participate in the last play of the game that would make history. Montgomery pitched to Michael Martinez who hit a slow-roller right to Bryant. Bryant, already smiling from ear-to-ear, caught the ball, threw to first baseman Rizzo and succeeded in getting the last out of the game.

One-hundred-eight years later and the Chicago Cubs finally won the World Series. The “Billy Goat Curse” was no more as the 2016 Chicago Cubs team can now be considered the “Goatbusters.” Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Thursday that the city would honor the World Series champions with a parade on Friday, November 4. The parade resulted in the seventh largest gathering in human history with over five million people in attendance. When Emanuel initially announced the parade, he had no specifics on the route as he told reporters, "Just stand in the middle of the street somewhere and you'll see it," and he was spot on with his speculation. Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs, Chicago fans and Chicago natives, after 108-years, this was a much-deserved win.

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