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“Pokémon Go” Update Coming Soon

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With the special Halloween event over, more and more “Pokémon Go” players have become bored with the game and some haven’t even touched the app in weeks. The game was a smash-hit when it was first made available in July of this year, but with little to no major changes in the game, the number of players has heavily dropped as the platform lost over 15 million users by September. However, “Pokémon Go” creator Niantic, Inc. aims to regain some of their lost players in an upcoming update that was announced on November 2.

Niantic posted on their blog that this update will be including daily and weekly bonuses. “We want to provide you a detailed look at a new feature coming soon to Pokémon Go - Daily bonuses! Trainers will soon be able to receive a bonus for certain daily activities, including catching a Pokémon or visiting a PokéStop once a day. You’ll earn a larger bonus if you do this seven days in a row!” the company stated.

The bonuses will occur as followed:

“Catching a Pokémon every day will earn the following bonus:

  • 500 XP

  • 600 Stardust

Catching a Pokémon every day for 7 days straight will earn the following larger bonus:

  • 2,000 XP

  • 2,400 Stardust

Visiting a PokéStop and spinning the Photo Disc every day will earn the following bonus:

  • 500 XP

  • A number of additional items

Visiting a PokéStop every day for 7 days straight will earn the following larger bonus:

  • 2,000 XP

  • A greater number of additional items

If you catch a Pokémon at any time on Tuesday local time, you’ll be eligible for the next daily bonus on Wednesday at 12 a.m. local time.”

While many players are angered over the fact that the tracking system that was once in the game has still yet to be fixed, perhaps the update will encourage players to rejoin the game. Other “Pokémon Go” fans have speculated that a holiday update will soon occur as well.

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Though it is just speculation, fans believe there will be a Thanksgiving and Christmas event similar to the Halloween one. As the Halloween event caused certain types of Halloween Pokémon to spawn more frequently, the holiday events are predicted to do the same. It is predicted that the Thanksgiving event will cause Spearow, Fearow, Psyduck, Golduck, Slowpoke, Slowbro, Ponyta and Rapidash to occur at higher rates. The event is speculated to start on Thursday, November 24 (Thanksgiving Day), and continue through Sunday, November 27.

Fans are hoping ice Pokemon will occur more frequently in a Christmas event, which would include Dewgong, Cloyster, Jynx and Lapras. While Articuno is an ice type Pokémon, it has yet to be released in “Pokémon Go” even though it is the mascot for Team Mystic.

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