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“Neko Atsume” to be Made into Live-Action Movie in 2017

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“Neko Atsume” fans rejoice! Your favorite Japanese kitty-collecting game will be getting its own live-action movie.

For those who have missed the craze of “Neko Atsume,” which translates to “Kitty Collector” from Japanese, the mobile game was created by mobile game developer, Hit-Point. The game was released in Japan in October 2014 and October 2015 in the U.S.

The game is very simple. You are given a small yard to leave out cat food, toys, blankets and many different types of items that will help attract cats over to your yard. You periodically check the game after leaving the items out and will see cats come and go until the cat food runs out. After the cats depart, they will leave you with fish, which is the in-game currency that allows you to buy more items for cats. If you have an item out that is a certain cat’s favorite, they will sometimes leave you with golden fish, which can obtain specialty items that are unable for purchase with regular fish.

By May of 2015, the game had received over four million downloads. In January of 2016, “Neko Atsume” was listed as one of the top five mobile games of the year by Game Spot, describing it as “an undoubtedly fun and unique experience.”

The hit game will now be receiving its very own live action movie, titled “Neko Atsume No Ie,” which translates to “Cat Collector’s House.” According to the Guardian, the plot will revolve around a young author named Katsu Sakumoto, who is in the midst of a writer’s block. After moving into a new home with hopes his block will go away, he spots a cat in his garden. Sakumoto leaves out food for the cat overnight in order to befriend it, and in that action, a “new obsession is born.”

“Neko Atsume No Ie” director, Masatoshi Kurakata, stated about the movie, “I wanted to make a simple movie that gives off feelings of warmth. I and the staff and cast of the film really put our hearts into making the film.”

While waiting for this movie to release, be sure to try “Neko Atsume” if you haven’t already. The simple game is free to play and is available on both iOS and Android.

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