• Andrew Finein

2016 One of Warmest Years on Record

Photo courtesy of Adam Alexander Photography

October was the seventh warmest month on record in Illinois, according to Climatologists at the Illinois State Water Survey. The average high for October this year was 59.8 degrees, 5.4 degrees above the 54.4 degree average. Illinois saw the warmest October in 1963 when the average high temperature hit 63.3 degrees.

Looking at January through October, Illinois has seen above-normal temperatures for nine out of the 10 months so far. The average temperature for the first 10 months was 58.0 degrees, 2.5 degrees above average, making it the fourth warmest January through October on record. The warmest record was set in 2012 when the average temperature reached 59.1 degrees.

This November is also looking to be one of the warmest on record. The average temperature for November 1-8 has been 65.8 degrees, 10.4 degrees above the 55.4 degree average for that time span.

After a cooler, closer to average weekend, we are expecting to see warmer than average temperatures in the upper 50’s and possibly even lower 60’s during the workweek. The average temperature for Joliet in mid-November is in the upper 40’s with overnight lows near freezing.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released the national winter outlook late last month. NOAA is predicting the entire Chicagoland area will see average temperatures this winter, which will actually be cooler than last year considering how mild it was. As far as precipitation goes, NOAA is predicting a wetter winter than average, which could result in more snowfall.

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