• Sarah Schoenrock

Oviedo High School Students Respond to Hate with Post-Its

Four students from Oviedo High School in Oviedo, Florida covered the walls of a girls’ bathroom in post-it notes in response to racist graffiti that was marked in another bathroom a few days prior, according to the Orland Sentinel.

The four students, Bryn Garick, Asiana Battle, Cassidy Gillis and Rachel Nasby, spent hours working on the post-its on a Sunday night so they would be ready to hang up early Monday morning. They wrote inspirational messages, quotes, song lyrics and anything they considered to be “upbeat and hopeful” on the notes, aiming to bring positivity back into the school after the racist graffiti left many students upset.

Photo courtesy of trbimg.com

The graffiti was discovered the previous week in another bathroom and stated, "Y’all Black ppl better start picking y’all slave numbers. KKK. 4Lyfe. Go Trump. 2016.” Once discovered by the school administration, the message was quickly washed off. Administrators were not able to discover the perpetrator.

“I didn't like the negativity it was spreading and I wanted to do something positive. A lot of people were really upset,” Garick stated.

Early Monday morning, the girls went to school and started putting up the notes in a bathroom. While they did not pick the same bathroom the graffiti was left in, they chose a bathroom that was frequently used.

The notes read things such as “Kindness wins,” “Stay strong,” and “You got this.” Over 400 positive messages were posted across the walls. Oviedo Principal, Joe Trybus, said that the notes posted by the students were “uplifting as the racist graffiti was distressing.” He stated to the Orland Sentinel that he wants students to leave high school with strong academics, morals and ethics, and the post-its left by the four students gave him reassurance of that. He stated, “It made me feel unbelievable.”

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