• Sarah Schoenrock

Three Weird Games to Gift on Steam this Christmas

Sometimes, the weirdest gifts are the best gifts. Do I love the warm, fuzzy socks I get for Christmas? Of course. But are they super memorable? Not so much. If you’re looking to gift your gamer friends some fun, very memorable titles this Christmas, then this list compiled of the best-weird titles is just for you. Every game here is certainly odd, but they will definitely be remembered for years to come. Each title is available on Steam, a digital video game distribution platform that runs on PCs.

1. “Who’s Your Daddy”

The title of this game is already compelling enough to gift to a friend, but the gameplay is great too. This game features both a single and two player mode, where you can play as “Daddy” or “Baby.” The goal of this game as “Baby” is to kill yourself as fast as possible. Grab a fork and stick it in an electrical socket, drink bleach, eat batteries, drown yourself, the possibilities are endless! As “Daddy” you need to prevent your child from dying, like every good Dad should do. No matter which side you are playing on, “Who’s Your Daddy” is guaranteed to bring you endless laughter.

Gameplay video:

2. “I Am Bread”

A very tense and very emotional tale of one’s journey… as a piece of bread. Yes, that’s right, bread. This game, another single or two player game, features a piece of bread that you must help travel along its journey to become toast. Each level in this game includes a different room in the house that the bread is currently residing in. The player must guide the bread across the room to the toaster, or in other cases, something that can toast it such as the stove, heat radiator, or the firework rocket hidden on top of the cabinets. This game is actually quite difficult and will require complete focus if you want to complete the game. While it can be difficult, it is very entertaining to watch friends try to play together.

Gameplay video:

3. “Genital Jousting”

It’s as weird as it sounds, but also hilarious. The game’s description on Steam gives you all the explanation you really need: “Genital Jousting is an online and local multiplayer party game about flaccid penises and wiggly anuses for up to eight players at once.”

Gameplay video:

With any of these games, you’ll be sure to give a memorable gift this holiday season.

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