• James Thorpe

Where in the World is Derrick Rose?

Derrick Rose did not play for the Knicks in Monday night’s 110-96 loss to the New Orleans Pelicans. This is not uncommon as Derrick has missed 237 games in his NBA career, but this was the first game where he simply failed to show up. He did attend morning shoot-around the day of the game, though he failed to notify anybody from the Knicks organization including teammates and coaches of his whereabouts and why he missed the actual game against the Pelicans. There were suggestions that some of his teammates were fearing for his safety because he had been acting erratically in the morning shoot-around, but these reports have yet to be proven true. The internet also took notice of Rose’s absence on Monday and began to have plenty of fun with it.

Derrick Rose was finally located in his hometown of Chicago and took to Twitter to release a statement saying “I had to be with my family.” It has not been reported what type of issue he was experiencing, but he has since returned to New York and is practicing and playing with the Knicks once again. He has apologized to his teammates and coaches and has met with Knicks team president, Phil Jackson, and General Manager, Steve Mills, to explain his actions. The Knicks have given Rose a heavy fine for missing the game but this has not affected his play as he scored 25 points in a loss against the Philadelphia 76ers and scored 17 points in a win against the Chicago Bulls in the two games since returning to the Knicks.

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