• Clarice Swanson

Top 10 That Turn 10: Movies

The year 2007 was a great one for movies of all genres. From cartoons to drama to action packed films, here are my choices for the top 10 movies that will turn 10-years-old in 2017.

10. Bridge to Terebithia

Boy meets girl. Boy goes on fantasy adventures with girl. Everything is wonderful. And oh, you want to rip my heart out? That’s cool too, I guess.

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9. The Simpsons Movie

“Spider-pig, spider pig, does whatever a spider-pig does” Back in 2007, we could probably all quote the trailer by heart. Some people probably still can.

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8. Superbad

This hilarious comedy was the one of the first breakout films for Jonah Hill and Michael Cera and still ranks highly on that list of movies that you put on when you need something stupidly funny to watch.

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7. Harry Potter and the Order Phoenix

Not everyone’s favorite Harry Potter movie, but still a great movie in general. (PS: It’ll also be 10 years since J.K. Rowling’s “Deathly Hallows” novel was published. Just saying.)

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6. Enchanted

A real life Disney princess? A Disney prince trying to rescue her? An animated and live action film? Patrick Dempsey? Fairy tales do come true.

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5. Juno

This movie is excellent for so many reasons. It’s funny, serious and heartwarming all in one, and is still loved today by so many different audiences.

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4. Bourne Ultimatum

This has been considered the best Bourne film by some and the worst by others, but no matter the case, this movie certainly packed a punch with fans of the Bourne franchise.

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3. Once

This movie has become a favorite to a small audience of music lovers and gave us the beautiful song “Falling Slowly.” A beautiful movie full of beautiful music, aka the perfect film for romance lovers.

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2. No Country for Old Men

This is a movie that has left its legacy, even over the short span of a decade. Combining the genres of western and war films, there are few other thriller films that can live up to this hype.

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1. Ratatouille

Disney fan or not, no one can deny the adorableness and originality of this film. This film also was nominated for many awards and received high esteem by critics and fans alike, giving it the deserved number one spot on this list.

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In the decade that has passed, these films have definitely stuck it out to be well-known in pop culture. Happy 10th to all these great movies. Feel old yet?

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